About Bare Shoe Review

Bare Shoe Review is a catalog and review site aimed to help you find and shop for minimalist footwear for all of life's activities.

Whether you’re new to minimalist footwear or you’ve been spreading your toes for a while now, chances are that if you’ve recognized the positive benefits of minimalist footwear, going back to conventional footwear is not something you want to do.

We know that it’s not uncommon to desire different shoes for different occasions and purposes. If you work in an office setting, you might not prefer to wear the same shoe model that you wear for running. There are numerous other scenarios where you might want a particular shoe with particular features.

Our goal here at Bare Shoe Review is to help you learn about the different minimalist shoes on the market.

We’ve built a catalog that allows you to view, search, and filter by various criteria to narrow it down to the shoe(s) that best meet your needs.

In addition to a catalog that you can search through, we will be creating regular content to help you make informed minimalist shoe shopping choices.

About the shoes we feature

There are different features that make a minimalist shoe minimalist. There are also different features that individuals are looking for in a minimalist shoe.

Toe box width, stack height, weight, heel-to-toe drop, flexibility, (lack of) stability features, and toe spring are all aspects of a shoe that determine just “how minimalist” a shoe is.

When we decide whether to include a particular shoe/brand in the catalog, we are looking at how many of the features a shoe may have.

We’ve included shoes that would fall lower on the minimalist spectrum but meet certain criteria because we realize there are a wide range of needs depending upon personal preferences and circumstances.

Toe box width and heel-to-toe drop are the “tests” a shoe must pass to be featured here. Getting feet out of shoes that restrict toe spread and promote an elevated heel are the first step for many in healing from years of wearing shoes that don’t support appropriate anatomy and function.

For some, they may need and/or desire a thicker stack height for particular activities or as they transition to more anatomically-correct footwear. A thicker stack height is the focus of certain brands, and to give people options, we include stack heights up to 29 mm.

For others, as close to barefoot is the preference and a thin-soled shoe is what one is after in a shoe. Our catalogs can be filtered by stack height (and other features), so you can see the shoes that meet the criteria you’re interested in.

You can check out our Brand Page to see the brands we currently have cataloged. We’ve written a synopsis of each so you can get a sense of what each one has to offer. They’re all a little unique.

About Us

Back in 2008, we fell in love, both with each other…

Amanda & John 4

…and running in something other than a piece of footwear that scrunched our toes, elevated our heels, and disconnected our feet from the ground below us.

A light bulb went off for us that we both felt so much better running in these toe shoes. Recurring knee pain was simply a thing of the past. We were hooked.

However, we didn’t wear our Vibram FiveFingers in everyday life – just when we were running.

There weren’t many choices at the time when it came to minimalist footwear. We did, however, begin to take more notice before buying a shoe as to whether our toes would be cramped, how lightweight and flexible the shoe was, and how much of a heel we’d be wearing.

Over time though, more brands popped on our radar. Our shoes without minimalist features began to sit on the shelf. Eventually, we were wearing minimalist footwear on (almost) every occasion (Amanda has still yet to find an indoor soccer shoe that doesn’t scrunch her toes and allows for lateral, quick movements. If you have a suggestion, let us know).

A decade and two kids later, we don’t run as much as we used to. We stay active, but we’ve learned that we need to support our feet (by not literally supporting them) in all of our lives’ activities.

In our search for the footwear we want to wear, we wanted a place where we could see all our options in one place.

With John’s attention to product details and Amanda’s love of creating websites, Bare Shoe Review was born.

We hope you find useful information here to help you find the footwear that best suits you and your lifestyle.

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to reach out.

-Amanda & John 

Richardson-Meyer Family