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Within the catalog and product reviews, you will come across links that take you to other companies’ websites. It is possible that one of those links may be an affiliate link. Clicking one of those links doesn’t cost you anything extra, and on occasion may come with an extra discount. We may, however, receive a small commission through purchases made through one of these links.

Income from affiliate commissions help support this site. Should you make any purchases from one of these links, we are truly appreciative.

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What is an Affiliate Link?

Affiliate links are specifically tagged links that allow a company to track where the customer was directed from. For example, some of the links associated with products on this page have an affiliate tag within the URL. If you were to click on one of those links that took you to Amazon, for example, and made a purchase, we would get a commission for that purchase.

It costs nothing to you and, on occasion, you may actually receive a discount for using a particular link.

When Do We Use Affiliate Links?

If we are linking to a product within the catalog, it may be an affiliate link. Not all companies offer affiliate relationship programs, which is likely why there is not an affiliate link associated with a product.

Affiliate relationships do not determine which brands and products we share on this site. Our goal is to give our users the options that are available to them regardless of affiliate relationship status.

It can be said and assumed that if you are clicking a product link to an external site (outside of you may be clicking an affiliate link.

Nature of Affiliate Relationships

We strive to give our users honest and reliable opinions about the products featured on Longevity of the site is more important to us than making a quick commission based upon a false review.

Therefore, reviews are based upon on our honest opinions regardless of any affiliate relationship.

There may be instances where companies send us their products for us to review. As previously mentioned, our reviews will remain honest to allow you to make informed purchases.

While we do showcase brands and products and create reviews, we do not have any influence upon your purchasing experience. Ordering, buying, shipping, returns, and the end product are all out of our control. However, please let us know if you have an unsatisfactory experience. We know things happen sometimes, but if there are particular trends with a company, it may influence our future relationship with them and whether we showcase their product(s).

Amazon Associates Disclosure

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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