How to Find the Right Minimalist Shoe for You

How to find the right minimalist shoe for you

Whether you’re just diving into the world of minimalist footwear or you’ve been wearing minimalist shoes for a while now, it can be challenging to see all the available options in one place when you’re trying to find the right minimalist shoe for you. Maybe you’re familiar with a few brands and have viewed their selection. However, you may be … Read More

How to Choose a Minimalist Sandal

How To Choose A Minimalist Sandal

If you’ve been looking for a minimalist sandal for running, hiking, other adventures, or for casual, everyday wear, you may have come across multiple brands with different looks and slight variations. We’re extremely lucky to have some great companies producing sandals that have many of the minimalist features that many of us that wear minimalist shoes are after, such as … Read More

Guide to Minimalist Shoe Brands Made In the USA

Guide to minimalist shoe made in USA

If you are looking for a minimalist shoe that is made in the USA, read on to learn about minimalist shoe brands that manufacture their products in the United States. For some of us that have found our way to minimalist footwear, minimalism has crossed over into other aspects of how we live, if it wasn’t there already. Knowing who … Read More

How to transition to minimalist shoes

How to transition to minimalist shoes

If switching to minimalist shoes is something you’re considering or you’re in the process of doing so, it helps to have an understanding of how you can transition to minimalist shoes while minimizing potential injuries.  Avoiding injuries is, of course, a more enjoyable process, but in doing so, you’ll be much more able to tell if going more minimalist is … Read More

What Makes A Minimalist Shoe Minimalist?

What makes minimalist shoes minimalist?

The question of what a minimalist shoe is and what makes a minimalist shoe minimalist does not have a black and white answer. To simply state a shoe is minimalist (or not) does not take into account the many factors that influence your experience with a shoe. I think a common understanding of what a minimalist or closer-to-barefoot shoe is … Read More