Unshoes focuses on lightweight and affordable minimalist shoes with the goal of empowering people from the ground up with footwear that enables people to move naturally.
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About The Shoes

Unshoes’ line has grown by expanding its line of continuous-strap sandals to also including closed-toe options.

You can choose from six different sandal strap designs depending upon your preferences and desired use. For example, the Wokova and Wokova Feather sandals are the huarache-style sandal to choose if you plan to use them for running. The other options may be preferred for hiking, casual, or other outdoor uses. They also offer the Children’s Keota as their kids model.

If you’re interested in a closed-toe (un)shoe, the Forager, Terra Vida, and Traverse are your options. The Forager is a minimalist mocassin that comes in three colors with multiple stitching color options. The Terra Vida is a vegan, slip-on option. Finally, the Traverse is a low boot that is flannel lined, making it the warmest of the Unshoes line.

All Unshoes are zero-drop. The stack heights are all considered quite minimal, ranging from 5 to 10 mm in thickness. The closed-toe models offer a generously wide toe box to allow for toe spread even when toes are enclosed.

As previously mentioned, affordability is a featured valued by the company. You can get one of their sandal models, the Wokova Feather, for $50, which is on the lower end when it comes to minimalist sandals.
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About The Company

Unshoes began in 2010 by being sold on Etsy and expanded to its own website as they grew. The line now consists of six adult sandals, one kid sandal, and two closed-toe shoes.

These shoes continue to be made to order in the USA.

Additional points to know about Unshoes:
– Will make custom sandals
– Will ship internationally
– Free exchanges

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