How to Find the Right Minimalist Shoe for You

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Whether you’re just diving into the world of minimalist footwear or you’ve been wearing minimalist shoes for a while now, it can be challenging to see all the available options in one place when you’re trying to find the right minimalist shoe for you.

Maybe you’re familiar with a few brands and have viewed their selection. However, you may be looking for something a little different and want to know if there’s anything else out there.

As long-time minimalist shoe wearers, my husband, John, and I found ourselves really familiar with some brands. However, there were some brands that weren’t even on our radar. Even as we began to build this site, we continued to learn of new minimalist shoe options.

This was the inspiration behind creating Bare Shoe Review. We wanted a centralized location where we could view a large selection of minimalist shoe options.

Additionally, we wanted to be able to filter the catalog to view only shoes that met certain criteria.

For example, let’s say I needed a new women’s casual shoe. I could filter to view only women’s casual shoes. This would show me casual shoes across all the different brands in our catalog.

The idea is that, hopefully, our users can learn of new options that they’ve not yet encountered.

You can filter across many different criteria to even further narrow your options down. Using our above example, you can filter to view only women’s casual slip-on shoes or women’s casual shoes with a stack height of 0 to 7 mm.

Whatever you are after in a minimalist shoe, this tool can help you get more information.

Below, I’ll go through each of the criteria to help you see all the options you have when filtering for the right minimalist shoe for you.


Here you can filter the catalog to view based upon who might be using the shoes. You can see in the image the different options. Both ‘Men’ and ‘Women’ include the shoes that are considered ‘Unisex’.

Minimalist Shoe Type

This criteria is based upon the particular type of form of the shoe.

Type of minimalist shoes in the catalog


Next, we’ve categorized minimalist shoes by what their particular best-use may be. These shoes can be diverse and have multiple uses, but we tried to narrow it down to one or two uses that appears to best suit the individual shoe.

Best-use for the minimalist shoes in the catalog


The feature filter looks at somewhat miscellaneous features of the shoes, which includes materials the shoes are made with (or without) and where the shoes were made.

Feature filter of minimalist shoes in the catalog


These are the brands we currently have in our catalog. You can narrow it down to only a particular brand. You can then use other filters to narrow this down even further. For example, only see shoes from a particular brand with a certain stack height range.

Brand Filter of minimalist shoes in the catalog

Stack Height

Stack height is a great feature to really narrow down one’s preferences. We are aware that everyone has different needs when it comes to stack heights. Some that are new to the world of minimalist shoes may want a mid-to-higher range shoe for particular terrains, while those with more experience may prefer something very thin. This allows everyone to find what works for them.

Stack height filter of minimalist shoes in the catalog


If you have a particular preference when it comes to how much your shoe weighs, here is where you can filter in products that meet your particular needs.

Weight filter of minimalist shoes in the catalog

Heel-to-Toe Drop

Most shoes in this catalog are zero-drop, but if you want to see only shoes that are zero-drop or want a little drop, you can use this filter.

Heel-to-toe drop filter of minimalist shoes in the catalog

Begin filtering to find the right minimalist shoe for you

Hopefully, you understand the functionality of this catalog and how it can help you find the shoe that’s right for you and what you need it for.

In researching for and creating this site, it became very clear to me that we do have a lot of minimalist shoe options available to us. Additionally, I observed that each person was going to have their own particular preferences of the features they wanted in their shoes.

So realize, the best minimalist shoe is the one that works for you and what you’re using it for.

If you have any questions about how to use the catalog and the filtering features, please feel free to put them in the comments below.

Click the links below to view the catalogs and begin filtering!

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Amanda Richardson-Meyer

Amanda Richardson-Meyer

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